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Cancer Survivorship and Aging

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Heidi Hamann, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology and Family and Community Medicine at the University of Arizona

Dr. Hamann is a health psychologist whose research focuses on psychosocial and behavioral issues in cancer. As more individuals are successfully treated for cancer, it is important to address post-treatment issues and concerns. Dr. Hamman will discuss aspects of cancer survivorship and will focus on the importance of psychological self-care and intervention, physical activity, and other aspects of behavioral health for cancer survivors.

Memory and Healthy Aging

Wednesday, December 28th, 2016

Matthew Grilli, PhD, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of the Human Memory Laboratory at the University of Arizona

Dr. Grilli’s research focuses on understanding how we learn and remember information, uncovering how brain injury and age-related brain changes influence memory and cognition, and developing strategies for improving everyday use of memory. Many people assume that an inevitable consequence of aging is a slipping memory. However, certain qualities of memory typically improve with healthy aging, and most memory slip-ups can be minimized or overcome with lifestyle changes and by applying cognitive strategies. Dr. Grilli will talk about ways we use memory on a daily basis, ways to improve memory as we age, and offer advice on how to work around forgetfulness.