End of Life Care Planning

Making a Plan

PCOA is a member of the Pima County End of Life Care Coalition. The Coalition members are dedicated to providing education and resources that prepare adults to plan for end of life care.  Our efforts are supported by a grant from the Shaaron Kent Endowment Fund held at the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona.

Please visit the coalition’s website by clicking here.

Why is planning for your end of life care important?

  • By planning, you make decisions that reflect your wishes for end of life care and create a guide for loved ones and health care professionals to follow.
  • By not planning, you allow others to make decisions for you.
  • By planning, you provide your loved ones with peace of mind because they will know what you want and will not be left guessing.
  • Learn more about Advance Care Planning by reading a recent article from our CEO, W. Mark Clark, by clicking here.

How do I make a plan?End of Life Flyer

  • Think about what is important to you and what care you want at the end of your life. Professionals or family members can help you with this.
  • Document your wishes by creating an advance directive.
  • Communicate your wishes to family members, friends and health care professionals by sharing copies of
    your advance directives. Note: If life circumstances change, plans can be changed.

What forms do I need to fill out?

Each state has its own requirements for making end of life care wishes official. In Arizona, you can complete official forms or write out a personal statement of your own. In either case, your documents need to be properly signed and witnessed.

Where can I get official forms?

Official State of Arizona forms are available from the AZ Attorney General’s website.

Another commonly used form is Five Wishes, which is available from Aging with Dignity.

For assistance in completing forms, in English or Spanish, please contact the PCOA Helpline at 520-790-7262 to schedule an appointment.

Now, Please Get Started and then Tell Us When Your Plan is Done!!End of Life Resources

Click Here to say, Yes, I did it!!

That is, tell us when you have completed your advance directive: living will, health care power of attorney or mental health care power of attorney. It helps us and our funder know that our outreach has been effective.

The End of Care Life Coalition

(EOLCC) is an Action Team of the ELDER Alliance of Pima County.  The EOLCC serves as a resource for end-of-life care planning and awareness throughout the County, as well as being a change network to support collaborators and service providers involved in end-of-life planning. Through presentations, workshops, and ongoing partnerships, the Coalition provides education and resources to adults in Pima County, AZ to increase conversation, planning and documentation of end of life care wishes.

Funding for the Coalition is provided by the Community Foundation for Southern Arizona, Shaaron Kent Endowment Fund with additional support from the David and Lura Lovell Foundation and the Casa de la Luz Foundation.

For more information, resources, and calendar of events, visit the Pima End of Life Care Coalition website at www.pimaendoflifecare.org or contact Susan Kasle, MPH, at PCOA: (520) 546-2006 or skasle@pcoa.org.

Medicare to Cover Advance Care Planning Services

Beginning in January 2016, Medicare Part B will provide coverage for advance care planning services (discussions of beneficiary preferences for end-of-life care). Read the NCOA fact sheet for an explanation of this great new benefit.