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Susan Marshall at or call (520) 546-2002


CATCH Healthy Habits is a unique intergenerational physical activity and nutrition program that benefits two generations – kids and adults. The program combats heart disease and obesity by engaging mature adults as mentors to teach healthy lifelong habits to kids in grades K – 5.

You can help. Become a CATCH Healthy Habits volunteer!

CATCH Healthy Habits is seeking active adult volunteers as mentors in a series of twelve one-hour sessions, in area summer and after-school programs. Each session includes a healthy snack, an interactive nutrition lesson, and fun games and exercises. As a volunteer, you can promote healthy habits for kids and also gain that experience for yourself! We have lots of ways you can help:


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Work with children in grades K to 5 to lead fun, active games, share healthy snacks, and learn about good food choices. Sessions meet weekly for an hour and training is provided.

Support the team on site or behind the scenes. Prepare snacks, transport game equipment or provide office support. Watch the kids in action and collect data to measure results.

Spread the word to people in your community. Take photos or videos of kids in action. Get the buzz going on Facebook and invite more people to get involved.

Take the lead by communicating with team members and partners to coordinate the sessions. Put your organizational skills to work to help expand the program and reach more kids.

Training and curriculum are provided. To learn more, contact Susan Marshall, Program Coordinator, at or 520-546-2002 to sign up for training or for more information. Come join the fun and make a difference for children in our community!

What people are saying “Our kids have really been conscious about their healthy habits. A group of students is even putting together a Fit Club. It has been easier to initiate snack improvements and our staff has been more conscious of what we are serving at special events and cooking projects. All in all, CATCH Healthy Habits has increased the awareness and healthy habits of our students, staff and families. Thank you very much for this opportunity!”- Karen Berry, Tucson Unified School District