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Dental Resources

There is a huge demand for affordable dental services in the Tucson community. If your dental need is the result of an accident or medical condition, contact your primary medical provider first to determine if any dental services are covered by medical insurance. Be sure to practice due diligence as an informed consumer before engaging in extensive and expensive dental work. Check out the professional affiliation, background and references of the dentist or clinic you select. Ask for recommendations from friends or relatives whose judgment you trust. It is a good idea to ask about payment plans. Some dental offices offer discounts for cash payments, some offer discounts for older adults, and others offer monthly payment plans.

Mobile Dentistry

Home-bound older adults and those with physical disabilities may have difficulties getting to a dentist's office, especially if the provider is all the way across town. Mobile dentistry can help by bringing dental resources closer to your home.

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Mobile Dentistry of Arizona

2733 N. Power Rd., Ste. 102-449
Mesa, AZ 85715

(480) 313-3310

Fax: (480) 772-4032

  • Low Income

This Phoenix-based mobile dentist office provides dental services to residents of assisted living facilities and adult care homes in Tucson once every six weeks. Call or visit their website to download referral forms.

Smile Perfection

5828 N. Oracle Rd., Ste. 100
Tucson, AZ 85704

(520) 293-2166

Fax: (520) 293-2167

Dr. Sharad Pandhi with Smile Perfection brings dental care solutions to your home, assisted-living facility or hospital room.

business hours
M - W 7:00 AM -7:00 PM

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