Board & Council

PCOA Board of Directors

  • Robert Bell, Chair
  • Adaline Klemmedson, Vice Chair
  • Agnes C. Poore, RN, Secretary
  • Sarah Lennartz, Treasurer
  • Elizabeth Davidson
  • Richard Elias
  • Amy Levin
  • Beth Smith
  • Steve Borden
  • George Mairs
  • Ron Meck
  • Denise Richerson-Smith
  • Amanda Sokan, PhD
  • Carol M. Swango
  • Maxine Goldstein
  • Marisa Mencholda, PhD
  • David Yarger
  • R. Wayne Wood, MD

Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a group of older people, who are active in the community, selected to advise PCOA on the operation of programs funded by the Older Americans Act.

  • George Mairs, Chair
  • Elizabeth Davidson, Vice Chair
  • Karla Bennington
  • Frederick R. Eisele
  • Allan Gordon
  • Sondra Match
  • Kathleen McCormack
  • Ron Meck
  • Linda Hollis

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