Project Visibility – LGBTQ Sensitivity Training

Project Visibility offers engaging, no-cost trainings to help our community’s service providers ensure that older LGBTQ adults receive care that is welcoming, respectful, and responsive to their needs. The vast majority of LGBTQ older adults have lived through discrimination, social stigma, and the effects of prejudice, both past and present, including a history of being labeled as criminals, sinners, and mentally ill. For some, this fear and social stigma has disrupted their lives, their connections with their families of origin, their lifetime earnings and their opportunities to save for retirement. It has also made many of them apprehensive of health care professionals and aging service providers (National Resource Center on LGTQ Aging, 2012).

To address the need for LGBTQ older adults to have safe, informed, and welcoming care providers, we are using an outstanding training model called Project Visibility, created by Boulder County Colorado’s Area Agency on Aging, which delivers effective training on elder LGBTQ issues to long term care providers, employees and clients. For more information please contact Sarah Bahnson at

Project Visibility Resources

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